Please contact us to receive more information about the Historical Society Endowment funds and how you may plan to contribute.

Planned Giving/Endowments

Meet new people and network with others interested in Nevada County History.

What will your legacy be?

Help us to build a legacy that will favorably impact Nevada County 
for years to come.  Naming the Historical Society in your will or trust is a superb way to make a gift that will live on and remain giving forever.

Our Historical Society has specific endowments that can fund your historical program of interest.  Each of our museums and historical library have their own individual endowment fund that benefits their specific preservation efforts and education objectives. Your contributions to our endowments will remain in the fund forever, with the named museum or library receiving only the annual income from the earnings.  In 2013, these professionally managed funds earned a return of over ten percent. 
Established in 1944 and a registered California non-profit corporation since 1962, all donations to the Nevada County Historical Society, be it cash or artifact, are fully tax deductible under IRS regulations.

Please use the contact form to the right, or mail:

Nevada County Historical Society

Attn: Daniel R. Ketcham, President - Board of Directors

161 Nevada City Hwy., Nevada City, CA 95959​